Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why So Afraid?

Really why are the self-professed religious so very afraid of we queers? From Pope to preacher to Imam they denounce us and call for our death, or at the least, for our persecution. I know we aren’t the only ones the ultra-religious fear, they also seem to fear women. Is it their oh so precious masculinity we threaten? They are very insecure, it seems even the mildest questioning of their faith can destroy it. So maybe their masculinity is just as fragile, exposure to anything, which offer an alternative to their macho self-image could turn them into flaming fagots. Of course I think that would be a good thing even if their fragile egos can’t handle it. I am sick and tired of them taking their insecurities out on us. I say we make their worst fears come true and totally destroy their society and build a new one in it’s place.

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