Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Thoughts On A Tuesday Night

Change that you can’t see, Obama is continuing a lot of Bush’s policies. Oh there has been change for the better such as repealing the global gag rule and ending the stem cell ban. But he still shoves money at failed financial; companies with out asking for any change while making Detroit jump through hoops to get money for the big three. He is only reducing the number of troops in Iraq while doubling down in Afghanistan, not a good move. He is actually increasing the amount of money going to the Constitutionally suspect faith based initiatives. Too much business as usual still it hasn’t even been 100 days so there is still hope.

My gender is fluid and I love that. Really why do we have to be either male or female? Most of the time I don’t really feel either one. It is time for a Gender Queer Revolution.

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