Monday, March 23, 2009

Sudden Onset Depresion.

I take everything the wrong way; a chance remark or the lack of one can set me off. When that mood strikes I want to burn my bridges under me cutting myself off from part or the entire world. That mood just struck, a mood of hatred and black depression. I want to lash out and kick a friend away for what is probably no good reason. I’m gong to go to bed and try and sleep this off before I get really mean and nasty.


Mollena said...

I think the sleep is a good idea. I tend to have very strong emotional reactions but find if I relax a bit into the blow of the wave...let off some steam, sleep on it, meditate, light some candles and thwack one blows past....



Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. Unfortunately, I tend not to follow such advice. I have a bad habit of going off and later regretting it.

I know, who'da thunk it? Me....a hothead.

Sending positive vibes your way