Thursday, March 5, 2009

Late Night Wandering In My Mind

We are complex and unique creatures who do not fit well into little boxes. That goes triple for gender identity and sexual orientation. My own gender identity tends more to the fem, but there are male aspects and other aspects that do not fit anywhere near the gender binary. But what I really want to explore is ‘sexual orientation’, a term I don’t like. It’s a term that reeks of the sexual binary. It implies that there is only hetro- or homosexuals with bisexuals allowed only as the confused. That my friend is crap, more people have a broader range of people they are sexual attracted to then is generally realized. From my own experience there are a lot of straight identified men who are attracted to pre/non op trans women. They are often repulsed by the thought of sex with a man but a woman with male genitals turns them on. Interesting isn’t it? The term I have come to prefer is object of desire. I can be sexually attracted by a wide verity genders with a variety of sexual attributes. I often wonder how much of the pain and sorrow in the world is caused by various societies pounding people into little boxes which the so don’t fit into.

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