Friday, March 6, 2009


Is not a movie I much cared about and had no plans to see. Than I cam across this review. I mean who wouldn’t want to see it after reading something like this,

The end of this gory, perverse, anti-American movie affirms the international, socialist, humanist worldview of the radical left. The one hero who believes in good and evil is considered an obstacle to progress. Although there are some positive references to faith in Jesus, there are many more references mocking faith, including a mean satire of Leonardo Da Vinci’s reverent painting of the Last Supper and denigrations of God. Ultimately, WATCHMEN’s perverse interest in sadomasochistic images of gore and blood and its prurient interest in graphic sex scenes shows how morally and intellectually bankrupt atheism, socialism, liberalism, and leftist ideology have become.

Or this,

WATCHMEN is a convoluted adaptation of an acclaimed, but nihilistic, graphic novel about masked crime fighters trying to find out the reason behind the murder of one of their own. WATCHMEN is a repulsive, mediocre, overlong movie filled with gory violence, graphic sex, extreme nudity, and humanist, anti-American values promoting a socialist utopia where liberty, justice and goodness are destroyed for the sake of totalitarian peace.

I was indifferent to this movie but now I want it to break box office records. Because if it does it will mean people who agree with this,

f this movie succeeds, it will be a travesty. Please warn your family and friends. If your children still insist on seeing it, and you don’t want to believe this review, go and watch it first. You have never seen so much gore, blood, sex, and sadism, especially in a major action movie that’s trying to get a broad mainstream audience.

will have their heads explode


The Goddess said...

References? Where'd you get your quotes, dear? Inquiring minds want to know - *I* want to know! ;-)

Natasha Yar-Routh said...

Follow the link, click on 'this'. Sorry that the links don't always highlight well.