Monday, March 9, 2009


Can Watchman break even? It only had the 13th best opening for a comic book adaptation behind The Incredible Hulk which would have been a money loser if not for it’s foreign box office. The question is how big will the second week drop off be? If it’s in the range of the Hulk, 60.1%, then the Watchman will be a financial disappointment.

A related question, do the ends ever justify the means? My answer is no, never for the means shape the ends. Thus the Soviet Union became everything Marx had fought against because they used terror to achieve their ends. It wasn’t the first time that happened nor the last. Gandhi and King believed that the ends should shape and dictate the means and were more successful in achieving their ends because of this.

What is so funny about peace, love and understanding? Really why are the concepts of peace, love and understanding so often derided by ‘realists' when their violent solutions just lead to more violence?

I like questions which is why I dislike religion and other authoritarian power structures that promise to take away the questions and make you sure.

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