Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Reoccurring Dream

A dream that I used to have quite frequently before I came out to myself popped up again tonight. The basics are always the same, I have given myself over to slavery and after much sexual submission and punishment I'm killed. That is not the end however, I am then resurrected by since as a intersex being capable of both bearing and siring children. I of course wind up pregnant and give birth. After that the dream may go off in many directions but the first part is always broadly the same.

As I said before I came to the self-realization hat I am genderquuer and transgendered on the feminine part of the gender cloud I used to have this dream all the time. I have not had it since then. So why now when I'm in full transition? Maybe it was triggered bu Natalie Reed's discussion of  Novaries, a term I only recently became acquainted with. My S.O. and I decided on no children before we got married and I really don't like kids all that much. It's probably significant that the dream almost never has children in it, just a intersex me being pregnant.  Also it's always me as a intersex person. If I could magically get the body I want it would be intersex. Maybe that is the point of the dream if it has one.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

On Hold

OK going through a personal crisis so I'm putting the blog on hold indefinitely