Thursday, August 21, 2008

‘We’re Still Losing Miss Brunner’

It’s incredible that McCain and Obama are in a statistical dead heat . Over the last forty years or so the Republican candidate has closed the gap with the Democratic candidate through September and October. If the Democrat does not have a large enough lead they lose. With an effective dead heat Obama is in big trouble, big trouble against a wrinkled old white guy who is promising four more years of Bush’s failed policies.

While part of the blame for this incredible situation can be laid at the MSM’s coddling of McCain and part to the Republican slime machine but Obama has a share of the blame. His constant drift to the right and his pandering to the theocrats is losing him the very people who got him the nomination. Hopefully Obama is a good enough campaigner to realize that his current course is only going to get him a historical foot note. Damn this is all so depressing.

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