Sunday, August 31, 2008


That should get someone’s attention. To be more accurate this is about sexual orientation, mine specifically. I identify as pansexual because I am attracted to more then just men and women, get your mind out of the gutter I’m still talking human here.

There are more physical sexes then the usual two, any where from five up to fifteen depending on where you draw the line. That’s just physical sexes when you add gender into the mix it gets really complicated fast. What, you thought physical sex and gender were one and the same? Well not if you’re reading this blog you didn’t. Any way I have found myself sexual attracted to people who fall on many different points on the sex/gender continuum.

I first realized I was something other than straight when I fell in lust with David Bowie the first time I saw him in concert on the Ziggy Stardust tour. Then I saw Sulka in a porn performance and begin to understand just how deep the rabbit hole is. This might be the time to ask a question that is almost never asked, when did you realize you were heterosexual? Or maybe it’s variant, when did you decide to be heterosexual? While the first question doesn’t get asked much it at least makes sense. The second one does not, nor does it make sense when asked of those of us with other then straight sexual orientation. No one ‘decides’ their sexual preferences, they just are. Why they are is one of those interesting scientific questions that seem to have very complex answers.

Anyway I hope that gives those who are interested some insight to what pansexual means and what my sexual orientation is.

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Christopher said...

This gives some very interesting insights. For some of us the question might be best phrased as, "When did you first begin to think you weren't heterosexual?" You've done a very good job of reminding me that sexuality is a continuum, not a set of little boxes with everyone fitting into one or the other.
Ultimately I think it would be nice if we could move beyond labels entirely and everyone could just be what they are without trying to define it. And yet definitions serve their purpose as well: they're something to rebel against.