Saturday, August 16, 2008

Randomness Yet Again

I live up in the mountains north of Los Angeles. You would think it would be cooler here than L.A. It isn’t and I have no A.C. It’s really too hot to sleep well so I’m sleep deprived and you get posts like this.

You would think with a track record of predicting the End Of The World every time we queers get some small measure of equal protection under the law that the theocrats would be totally discredited. But they are at it again with Proposition 8 here in California and at least 41% of the voting population seems to be buying it. I blame Reagan and Jerry Brown. Reagan for starting to screw up education in this state with his deliberate under funding of the schools and Brown for not doing anything to reverse Reagan’s cuts when he had the chance. Brown has only partially made up for it by putting aa valid ballot description on Proposition 8.

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