Tuesday, August 5, 2008

But I do Love the Constitution

I may not like what has and is being done in the name of America but I do love the U.S. Constitution. While far from perfect it has managed to hold the republic together had provide a check on some of the more egregious idiots who have held public office. It is also a wonderfully secular document, which specifically prohibits a religious test for federal office and through the 14th amendment for any office in the U.S. If we’re lucky the Constitution may even survive the mauling it has taken at the hands of the current administration. So lets go be good citizens and defend the Constitution from all who would violate (e.g. most politicians)

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Monica Roberts said...

Amen, Natasha.

I've said that anyone who's even thinkking about becoming and activist needs to read the Constitution first.

Then they will have a better idea of what they're fighting for.