Monday, August 18, 2008

Violence & Social Justice

Don’t really mix, Brownfemipower has a excellent post up on why violence is a counter productive tactic. One of the best testimonials for this is the continued use of agents provocateurs by most police forces especially the political ones like the F.B.I. They want violence so they can have an excuse for a mass crackdown. The history of social justice movements in the 60’s is littered with examples of F.B.I agents not only urging violence but providing the materials and expertise to carry out acts of violence.

So if you’re any sort of social justice organizer or worker and are even contemplating some sort of violent action to dramatize your cause remember, you’re doing just what the police want.

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Christopher said...

Violence is also the reason many revolutions become the very thing they seek to overthrow, which is usually an imbalance of power in favor of a small (or sometimes just small-minded) group of people. One of the most successful revolutions in history--albeit one that's still going on--is the fight for civil rights for all individuals regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. While progress may have been slow, the greatest progress has been made through peaceful means. I think deep down most people are reasonable (although that belief is often sorely tested) and if approached reasonably and peaceably they can be convinced of the idiocy of intolerance. I hope I'm not too much of an optimist.