Tuesday, December 2, 2008

True Tails of My Mother

My mother is 90 this year and still going strong. She is a petite little blond who can best be described as feisty. How feisty, well as a kid in Idaho during prohibition my mom had problems with the local bootlegger. He was a nasty sort who was always yelling at the local kids and threatening their dogs. Finally my mother had had enough; she knew where he hid his stash. It was under a bridge in a culvert so she emptied all his bottles and refilled them with creek water. Shortly after that the bootlegger left town quite suddenly.

Later my mother’s family moved to Santa Monica in California, she remained both feisty and level headed. She was not in the least star struck as evinced when she rejected Mickey Rooney’s attempts to date her. She even resorted tom sending her sister to the door with an appropriate lie to get rid of him. My mother always did have excellent taste in all things.

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Alexander said...

I love how your spelling malaprops lend themselves to alternate, sometimes deeper meanings. I would love to meet your mother, dear one.