Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Short Blast of Randomness

Obama has finally made a cabinet pick I am enthusiastic about, Steven Chu as Secretary of Energy. Imagine a scientist, a Noble Prize winner no less, in a technical post. What a change from the last administration, a change for the better.

I am getting really very sick and tired of bigots and hatters hiding behind their religion as an excuse for their hatred. Here in the U.S. they usually claim to be Biblical literalists but somehow manage to wiggle out of any prohibition that they don’t like. Things like eating ham or shellfish or the whole rich men, camels and eye of the needle thing.

Defense and the National Interest is a great site if you want to understand what is wrong with the U.S. military. A particularly lovely quote from William Lind ;

‘That merely shows the right’s usual instinct for the capillaries. We would take half the defense budget, pile it in heaps, set it on fire and roast marshmallows over it and gain no less from it than we do now.’

That’s all for tonight, bye.

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