Monday, December 8, 2008

The Sky Is Clear But The Mind Is Fogged.

Still can’t think well so here we go on a free association trip into the dark, dank, dusty recesses of my mind. Hmm, let’s try for something a little lighter this time shell we? I’m gender queer with a strong feme component. I plan to start a course of hormone treatment to feminize my oh so male body. What am I aiming for, what would my ideal body be? Intersexed with fully functional male and female reproductive organs. I want to be able to pass as male or female depending on how I present myself or confuse the hell out of people if I want. I want be able to be both father and mother, siring and giving birth to children, I know I can’t get this now but someday it will be possible though probably not in my lifetime. Still a gender queer girl can dream can’t she?

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The Goddess said...

Yes, you can. Dream on, dearie. (((hug)))