Saturday, December 6, 2008

If It’s Saturday It Must Be Random

Where to start, how about how tired I am being part of the group being used as the scapegoat de jur? We queers seem to be responsible for everything from the high divorce rate to the collapsing economy. Of course these are the same people who accuse any one they don’t like of being Marxists, they wouldn’t know a real Marxist if ze came up to them and kicked them in the balls. Their Christian Anti-Communist Crusade of the 1950’ ruined a lot of people’s lives. Their current Christian Anti-Homosexual Crusade is not only ruining lives but also killing us. The reason we need a Transgender Day of Remembrance is that we are being killed at a rate of better than one a month and brutally killed at that. Then these murderous thugs have the gall to accuse us of waging a ‘campaign of hate and intimidation’ because we dare to fight back after being declared second class citizen’s. You will notice that these bigoted hatters are using their usual tactic of hiding behind religion and using it to justify their hate. I really am sick of this.

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