Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Random Journey to the Depths of My Mind

I really am starting totally from a random place. Hmm, let’s start with religion, haven’t been there in awhile. The Pope is against the death unless it’s for queers . It seems the Cardinals who elected Benedict Pope thought his sojourn in he Hitler Youth was good experience for the job. This is not untypical behavior in any hierarchical religion; the people at the top always need someone they can scapegoat and other. Actually that is true of most hierarchical power structures. Religion just makes it worse by claming to be acting on their god’s orders. Then there is the whole ‘we’ll take away the questions, we’ll make you sure’ thing. The claim of absolute authority and the demand that you don’t think just believe and obey is a very nasty combination. It’s why emperors and dictators have aligned them selves with religions or created religious like movements, they want that power. Of course the need for an other to scapegoat leads to pogroms, the inquisition, witch burnings, crusades and the gulags. So if all the ‘good’ Catholics and Mormons could kindly fuck off and die I would appreciate it.

I am a nasty little bitch at times but not nearly as nasty as the devoutly religious can be.

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