Monday, January 31, 2011

Thoughts Of Sorrow, Thoughts Of Pain

We who don’t fit into societies gender box have a painful road to travel. Weather we are cross dressers, transsexuals or gender queer we are all tarred with the same brush. We are ‘faggots’, sexual predators, and deviants, its not even worthy of being considered human. Boring isn’t it? And that is even sadder, this has all been said again and again and is sill true. Even our progressive ‘allies’ think nothing of using our very identities as a source of putt downs and cheap jokes. Fuck ‘em all, I’m angry and ready to put the boot in. Deeds not words are what I want now. If you work to help me and mine then I will call you friend and ally, if not then may you rot in hell.

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