Saturday, January 1, 2011

More Random Reviews Of Stuff

Because an ‘injury to one is a injury to all’ I was happy to see DADT repeal go through and the court fight against Prop 8 continue successfully. What I was furious and angry at was the total failure of the Employment Non Discrimination Act to even get to committee much less out of it. This failure has Democratic and assimilationist cis gay fingerprints all over it. After unprecedented Congressional hearings at which trans women and trans men finally got to speak for them selves nothing happened. The Democratic leadership (looks at fat white boy Barney Frank) didn’t even bother to release proposed language for the bill. The HRC and its clones exerted exactly no pressure on anyone to advance the bill. The only time ENDA was mentioned after that was when trans activist managed to generate enough pressure to get a few ‘real soon now’ noises out of the Democrats and HRC. After the pressure dropped there was only silence.

ENDA is way more important then repealing DAT or DOMA, ENDA is a life or death issue for many of the TBLG community. In 29 states it’s perfectly legal to fire people or deny them any services because of their sexual orientation. In 38 states there is no protection for gender identity or presentation. That means that people are in danger from dying in the streets because they can’t access any services or get a job. This is not theoretical; it happens to trans women with depressing regularity. So the cis gay ‘activists’ and Democratic ‘leaders’ that have done squat to advance ENDA, you have blood on your hands scumbags.

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