Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Final Trek

Some background, My eldest Husky Freki died form Lymphoma just before Thanksgiving. Since the 28th of December I have had a splitting headache and decreasing appetite. I begin to feel that Freki just went on ahead to scout the way.

Through the snowy waste we move toward the distant mountain range. Freki lunges through the snow breaking a trail for me to follow.  As we push beyond the tree line I pause sweeting in my light grey fur lined leathers to survey the gently rising open land beyond. Just as Freki and I start up again Geri breaks from the forest behind us. I knew she would be close behind us, just not this close. We push on through the snow, Freki leading and Geri circling us both. Ahead is a dark spot that slowly resolves into a tall figure wearing dark leathers. It is directly in line with the path Freki is breaking for us. We will have to negotiate passage here I believe.

Just a fragment from my mind. 

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