Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looking For The Bright Side

I’m looking for the bright side of life but having trouble finding it right now. Chrissie Bates murdered and then defamed by the media. Three of my trans sisters murdered in as many days in Honduras. The constant slander that we are all sexual predators who will use any legal recognition of our rights to assault women in bathrooms. Not really a lot of bright side there.

But then I remember those of us who have not merely survived but triumphed. Victoria Kolakowski who made history by becoming the first out tras woman elected to the bench. Lynn Conway groundbreaking computer scientist. Jamie Fenton who helped ot your mind by designing video games. Jeffrey Catherine Jones award wining artist. Vladimir Luxuria Italian actress and politician. Caroline Paige RAF fighter pilot. Parinya Kiatbusaba Mut Thai champion, actress and model. All these very successful trans women and many more are a inspiration to us all. They sow we can not merely survive but triumph. A very bright side indeed.

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