Monday, January 17, 2011

Random Thoughts As I Try To Sleep

For some reason I have been having trouble sleeping so you get the joy of my disconnected thoughts, lucky you.

I am a coward on many levels, not so much physical as emotional. That is why I am out to only select people. Not that I would ever deny who and what I am if asked but I have barely transitioned so it doesn’t come up. Most of the reason for my oh so slow transition is my fear of confrontation with those close to me. See, a coward.

I have a friend who has reached his limit. Too many people asking too much of him. He has done much for me and I feel useless to him right now. And so I make it about me again, fuck it all I want is to take his pain away and I can’t.

I despair at my fellow humans stupidity. We can all be stupid at times but right now we seem to be having a monumental outbreak of stupid. In the midst of recovering from a worldwide recession these cretins want to implement austerity. Yes that’s just what fragile economies need pulling a few billions out of them and knocking thousand into unemployment. Apparently they do not read history or they would know FDR made the same mistake moving to austerity just when the economy was picking up steam and sending back into recession. Now they want to repeat the error on a global scale. Hang on it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

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