Friday, October 16, 2009

Time To Stop Ironing My Hands

I Harry Potter Dobby the house elf punishes himself for any disobedience to his master, one time he irons his hands. It is a literal embodiment of the way we all punish ourselves for perceived failures and transgressions. Dobby final escapes the compulsion to punish him self when he gets a piece of clothing, a old sock, from his master and is free.

Well I want to free myself from the self-punishment game to. Rather it is for some error I made at work or for transgressing society’s gender norms I want to move beyond a destructive round of self-flagellation. So I have decided to hold my own clothing gift ceremony. I’m going to find some piece of clothing, probably high femme, and gift to myself. I want to create a little ceremony for this, something to mark a change in my life.

I would be happy to take any suggestions on the ceremony and will report on how things are shaping up. Stay tuned….

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