Monday, October 19, 2009

Late Night Run Back To The Center Of My Mind

A little late night self-therapy while Dr. Cooper is out of town.

The center of my mind s a dark place filed with pain, my pain. You see I would willing solve the Lament Configuration and summon the Cenobite’s to take me to that extreme of experience where pain and pleasure are one. Sensations of the flesh are really all we have. Our intellectual achievements come from the electro chemical workings of our brains. There is no mind/body duality it is all one.

But that is not to say we are simple for even a ‘simple’ cell is incredibly complex. We are made up of trillions of cells. We are very complex beings crafted by nature and nurture the sum of our experiences.

My but this little journey has made an interesting little discursion hasn’t it?

My addiction to the flesh is one reason the Trans-Humanists leave me so cold. Too many of them seem positively eager to give up the flesh for the sterile world of electronic existence. Seems more like thantos than eros to me. Nothing lives forever and I would prefer the death of the flesh to the living death of machine life.

I believe that is enough to think about for the moment, Now to sleep the sleep of the dammed

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