Monday, August 3, 2009

A Not So Late Night Ramble

Sorry I’ve been away so long. Burned out and unable to function, feeling self destructive and mean. All self-pity of course, I hate that in myself. All the old insecurities are rising up that no one likes me, that I’m alone and always will be and that my life is a futile failure. Sometimes I feel that the only ones who love me are the Huskies and we all know what lousy judges of character they are. It doesn’t help that the media seems to be saturated with racist madness, the ‘birthers’ being the most prominent and loony examples. Yet one dare not dismiss this stupidity, repeat a lie often enough and a certain percent of the people will believe it. Mean while the cost of the empire and our imperial wars continue to bleed us dry. Yes I know there are good things in the world and I do have a few people who care about me and that I care about. Right now I just want someone I can hold and cuddle with. Tomorrow it will be time to indulge my meanness on the oh so many worthy targets.

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Anonymous said...

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