Friday, August 7, 2009

Not Dead Yet

The Republican Party that is, lately many liberals have been gloating that the Republicans have managed to purge themselves down to frightened white racist vote. That is true but it’s also about 47% of the total vote and that is enough to put them back in power.

Remember that Obama only won because the economy tanked and there was the highest voter turnout in years. McCain and Obama were neck and neck until the economic meltdown became obvious in September of 2008. So again it’s the economy stupid. If the economy really has hit bottom than the recovery will kick in in the usual six months or so and the Republicans are toast. The republicans know this thus their obstructionist tactics. If they can block any substantial reforms that might put the economy back on a sound footing they have a chance.

Don’t think just because the Republicans are very probably in permanent minority status that they can’t take back control of the White House and Capitol Hill. The twentieth Century is littered with examples of a party with a loyal but minority following who managed to size power. You don’t need a majority of voters, just a majority of those that vote. Both parties throughout U.S. history have used voter suppression tactics and the Republicans have mastered all of them. Recently the Republicans have upped the ante with flying squads of thugs to intimidate political opponents rallies and meetings. It will be interesting if they continue to use these tactics and what success they find with them.

If the recession continues or the recover is weak enough the Republicans can beat their way back into power.

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