Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Another Late Night Ramble

First welcome to my new readers, your kind comments have done much for my ego.

I want to get back to daily posting. As you may have noticed I use this blog for a lot of self-therapy.

Body image is a big issue for many trans-gender and gender queer people. We use hormones and surgeries to bring our bodies into line with our sense of gender self. So we tend to be sensitive to body image issues which is more than can be said for P.E.T.A. Their new billboard show just what a clueless bunch of gits they are. Their add is enough to make me eat more meat. This from a queer who just made hirself a baked tofu salad which ze uses to make lettuce wraps. I am sick and tired of this promotion of anorexia and heroin chick.

On the subject of body image I would like to recommend a new TV show on Lifetime, and online, Drop Dead Diva . The basic premise is a blond model dies and gets a second chance in the body of a full figured lawyer. It really is the best treatment body image I’ve seen, go watch a episode or three.

Sigh, I really need to sleep so good night all.

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