Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Non-Citizen

5,376,424 of my fellow Californians have just told me I’m a non-citizen; someone who is not worthy of having the same legal rights as they have. It seems I’m not worthy because I might want to have legal recognition of a relationship they don’t approve of. It could be worse I could live in Arkansas in which case ther would be no way Lyne and I could adopt should we want to. Better a child should stay in an orphanage they be raised by a same gender or sex couple. We are obviously too vile to be trusted around children. How long before we are facing a similar initiative here in California? As a non-citizen how long before I’m striped of any protections or rights under the law by my fellow Californians?

As a non-citizen is there any reason I should respect the society around me? My answer is no, there isn’t any reason at all. So fuck this society and the bigots who so want to exclude me from it. The only thing I have for their little world is FIRE! I bid them to BURN!

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J. Rudolph said...

They are wrong. They were wrong when racial segregation was ok and they are wrong now.

This WILL NOT stand.