Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Meditation On Death

Inspired by my friend Alexander Yoo, everything dies. You, me and everyone we know will die. Our species will die eventually, as have 99% of all species that have ever lived have done. When we humans are gone the gods and goddesses we have created will go with us. When the sun expands into a red giant in a few billion years the Earth will die. The sun will follow collapsing into a white dwarf and then slowly cooling to a black dwarf. As our Universe relentlessly expands our galaxy will finally be alone an island unto it’s self, as will all other galaxies. Eventually our galaxy will run out of the dust and gas to make new stars and one by one the remaining stars will die leaving black dwarfs, neutron stars or black holes. But even black holes will evaporate eventually leaving nothing behind. And after uncounted billions of years protons will decay and disintegrate leaving nothing but the void. The abyss will have triumphed at last. There is no true immortality so live the life you have to the fullest

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Laura said...

Your post is a somber reminder that no matter how grand a nation is or how important a person thinks they are we all end up in the same place. No matter how much salvation you amassed or what religion promised you whatever... It is important to understand you get one life, one chance to live one second in the life of the universe to grasp its beauty and mystery. Understanding others and giving and receiving friendship is one of the things I strive to understand during my brief relation with this moment. Thanks for sharing your ideas :-)