Sunday, August 15, 2010

On Being Queer

As I said recently I like being Queer and am proud of it. But what does it mean to be queer? I can only answer for myself, as the beauty of being queer is it is a different experience for every one of us. For me my Gender Queerness means my gender identity is more of a probability cloud then a point on a line. You might know where I am on the Butch/Femme, Male/Female, Queen/King line but not all at once. My fashion sense is more mix and match then men’s or women’s. I can be and have been sexual attracted to cis men, cis women, trans men, trans women and those like me who don’t fall into any of these categories. It is realizing that while our sense of gender is innate and part of who we are gender roles are societal constructs. For me it is walking in the spaces between.

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