Monday, August 2, 2010

The Nuremberg Laws Revisited

In 1935 the Nazi Nuremberg Laws striped Jews of their citizenship in the Third Reich and also defined who was a Jew. Jews had only gained their citizenship rights in 1870 in Germany and had never been accepted by large parts of the German population like the Volkisch movement .

The British Equality Act 2010, while far more noble in purpose, does something similar to the Nuremberg Laws to trans women. In the Gender Recognition Act 2004 trans women finally got official recognition of their gender and full rights as women. The Equality Act 2010 now strips them of their true identity as women and redefines them as transsexual women whom it is legal to discriminate against in certain circumstances. Given the long history of violence and murder against trans women and men this is a very disturbing law.

We need to rally and fight this before it spreads and undoes what progress we have made. It is bad enough to have no legal protections against discrimination but it is worse by far to be picked out as a class of people who it is legal to discriminate against.

Update: As pointed out in comments I left out a vital links that explain why I find the Equality Act 2010 so problematic.

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