Saturday, August 21, 2010

No I Am Not Gay

I notice that Shaman of Hedon is re-fighting yet again the “your just a confused gay man’ battle. Cis gay men seem to love claming trans women don’t exist, that we are really just confused gay men. Well my answer to that is bullshit, there are a lot of trans women who are lesbians, many are bisexual and others like myself are spectra sexual. The point being that NONE of us are confused gay men. We are a diverse group of women who do not appreciate being erased by a bunch of clueless gits.

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Jessica said...

As my friend Sybil used to say, Human certainty is almost always a sure sign of human error in progress. These people have painfully found their way to a place of goodness - they believe in that every bit as much as any holy roller born again christian believes in the resurrection. One should not therefore be so surprised if they act alike in some respects. They're all human. Would that we were better at comprehending the magnitude of our own delusions.