Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Cry From A Gnu Atheist

As atheists have become more vocal we are being accused of wanting to suppress religion. While I can only speak for myself this atheist does want to suppress religion but zie does want to de-privilege it. For instance I don’t care what a priest or imam preaches rather it is peace and love or all too often hate and bigotry. I just don’t want them doing it on my dime so no more automatic tax breaks for churches. If they are doing charitable work then they can apply as a non-profit if not they can damn well pay taxes like any other for profit enterprise.

When preachers step out side to pronounce on the issues of the day they don’t get to hide behind their holy book, justify their policies on their own merits if they can. And no more special exemptions from civil rights laws for them or from any other law at all for any church.

Maybe a couple of videos can express this best


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