Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What Some Feminists, Gays And Theocrats Have In Common

What you may ask could feminists, gays and christian theocrats have in common? A refusal to view trans-men and women as anything other than mentally ill people who should be denied any medical help but coercive therapy to ‘cure’ them of their delusions. What with Ron Gold claiming we don’t exist, the late Mary Daly calling us ‘Frankensteinian’ and the Family Research Council throwing a snit fit over Federal Government banning employment discrimination based on gender identity this attitude has been more obvious than it usually is. They all ignore the growing medical consensus that transgender identity is a medical condition not a mental illness. The other thing they all have in common is that sense we are mentally ill we need NO legal protections. That this is a death sentence for many of us doesn’t bother them in the least for none of them consider us really human. I would just like to say to them in the kindest way possible FUCK OFF AND DIE

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