Sunday, January 31, 2010

They Hate Me, They Really Hate Me!

Well not me personally just any one like me, you know transgender people. The ‘they’ in this case are cis gay men. Don’t believe me? Well how about this quote;

Ron Gold wishes the State to intervene to forbid "discrimination against cross-dressers or post-op transsexuals in employment...." I disagree. Employers should not be forced to hire individuals who are delusional or otherwise inappropriate for a job. A man who believes that he is Napoleon or Jesus Christ, or that castration has changed him into a woman, may not make a desirable employee

Nice isn’t it. We are being compared to the clinically delusional not to mention the old ‘they’re juts castrated men’ trope when referring to trans-women. But wait there’s more!

Who gives a sh*t? Stop pretending like there is some equivalence between gay and "trans". One is a sexual orientation, the other is a gender. They are 2 different things, but we have been forced to consider them as part of one "LGBT" whole because of a politically correct gay leadership. I don't have gender issues and I don't want to wear dresses or cut off my d*ck. Stop lumping me and millions of other men and women with trannies.

Hateful scum the lot of them. It’s almost enough to make me rethink my ‘A injury to one is a injury to all’ philosophy that leads me to fight for their rights as well as my own. But I refuse to let these vile little bigots drive me off my principals.

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