Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Injury To One Is A Injury To All

That is a motto of my union, The Industrial Workers Of The World. It’s a motto I believe in and try to live by. Unless we stand up for the rights of everybody, even those who do not support us, we open ourselves to a dived and rule strategy. If the bosses can get us competing with each other for position in a hierarchy of oppression and some recognition and legal protections they know we will be too busy to fight them.

So I will always strive to practice solidarity. That does not mean I won’t call out groups and individuals I see willing to sell out others for some small gain for themselves. Also while I might actively support your goals I won’t support your organization if I see you practicing exclusionary bullshit *cough hrc cough*

So if you call yourselves a social justice group fucking fight for EVERONES rights or admit you’re a bunch of privileged wana be’s

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