Sunday, January 10, 2010

I Need Some New Terms

I used to consider myself a feminist, after all the basic premise of feminism that woman are human beings entitled to full human rights and opportunities seems uncontroversial to me. All right there are some right wing trolls like Limbaugh and Vox Day who seem to view women as a alien species not deserving of any rights but they and their followers are fucking idiots. The problem is a lot of feminists seem to want me to disappear or die, whichever would be more convenient for them. They are willing to deny women like me any services and indeed any rights at all. So I need a new term for the fight for full rights for all women, no make that all people.

While the progressive movement champions many of the causes I support I can’t really use the term progressive. There are too many progressive’s willing to use trans women's bodies/lives/identities to take cheap shoots at Ann Coulter showing a complete lack of concern for my life or safety. That really doesn’t surprise me because the progressives of the early Twentieth Century were incredibly racist. Noted progressive Jack London wrote an approving novel about the genocide of the Chinese. So I can’t in good conscience use the term progressive.

So I need some new terms, any ideas?


Chris O. said...

I would just encourage you not to give up on radical feminism. There are many feminists who are still fighting for liberation for transgendered people.

This shit is fucked, but perhaps the term needs to be reappropriated rather than discarded.


T som i Timortinel said...

I know I am commenting on an old post. I'm a trans man who recently abandoned the word feminist for the same reasons as you. I use the word antisexist or antimisogynist instead.