Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Thoughts on Language and Gender

I don’t have the words to describe my gender identity; I don’t think there are any current words in the English language. The best I can do is a string of descriptive phrases, things like gender queer, gender fluid and androgynous. None of them are quite right but they do capture the feeling of my gender. I mostly identify as female but there are times when my self-image is very male. But those identifications are more physical the emotional or intellectual because what does male and female mean? Yes there is the fact that males produce sperm and females eggs but beyond that what do the terms mean? I terms of actions attitudes and social roles what does it mean to be male or female? For every example of ‘typical’ male or female behavior or presentation I can find several exceptions. The topic of what is a ‘real’ man or women deserves a post of it’s own and will get it but for the moment back to my own gender identity. My desires on gender presentation are to be mostly androgynous, whish I am not good at, but being able to slip to a male or female presentation at whim or necessity. I want to play with my body’s biochemistry to see how that affects my sense of self. So how does one characterize that, am I a transgender woman, a drag queen/king or something else? My problem is I’m not sure how I want to describe myself. There certainly isn’t any simple one or two word description so I guess I’ll just have to keep working with approximations until zI find something that works.

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