Thursday, January 8, 2009

An End To It

One of my favorite songs is Veteran Of The Physic Wars from which I would like to quote part of the lyrics;

But the wars still going on dear
And there’s no end that I know
And I cant say if were ever...
I cant say if were ever gonna to be free

The war that’s still going, the culture war of the sixties, the Republicans, Neo-Cons, Religious Right and fellow travelers are all still fighting that war. They are opposed to every cultural and societal change that started in the sixties from the civil rights movement on. They are still fighting to return America to their version of Calvin Coolidge’s America. The fact that these battles are largely irrelevant to the world as it is now does not seem to matter to them. Look those of us who actually are children of the sixties are old now, can the rest of you mother fuckers just let go. Let’s have a end this sixty year long war and get on with the 21st century.

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