Sunday, January 18, 2009


War crimes in particular, the war crimes of Bush and company. One of the main charges at Nuremberg was waging aggressive war and Bush waged two of them. That’s right two, the invasion of Afghanistan was fully as unjustified as the invasion of Iraq. The Taliban offered to extradite Bin Laden if we could offer some evidence he was involved in 9/11, we couldn’t so we invaded. In Iraq there was not even that thin of an excuse, the Bush administration lied and led us to war. The result of these wars are hundred’s of thousands dead.

Bush and his cronies should be prosecuted for their crimes but chances are they won’t be. Instead they will retire with their ill-gotten gains into a life of luxury. In Bush’s case he is selling his show ranch in Crawford and moving into a home in Preston Hollow a only recently desegregated community. So you see crime does pay if you’re a spoiled scion of a rich and powerful family.

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