Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Random Journey To My Mind

We seem to be at a major crossroads on a number of levels now. The battle for queer rights actually seems to be making some small progress even in the god ridden U.S. The nation state is in crises and may be failing. The world economy is in recession and the ‘Washington Consensus’ is dead. In other word interesting times but with crises comes opportunity. While I am often times disgusted at the bigotry and hatred people can display to each other I am equally often amazed at the empathy and love people can display to complete strangers. As humans we create the meaning and purpose in life for ourselves so we have the potential to create wonders and horrors. Out of the chaos of the crumbling of the old order I hope comes not A new world but a multiplicity of new worlds. I would not be able to stand Rick Warren’s world but I know he would be miserable in mine. We humans are too diverse for any one size fits all solution and no solution is permanent because the world changes and we either change with it or die. So let a thousand flowers bloom and may we all find fulfillment and love.

Damn, I seem to be far more of an optimist than the cynic in me would like to admit.

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