Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Journey To A Random Part Of My Mind

Tired after an up and down day. I can barely think, what few thoughts I have are sexual. According to the religious reich we ‘homosexuals’ are obsessed with sex yet I see more discussion of sex from these moral prudes then I do from the most slutty of queers. The question seems to be who is the most sex obsessed, queers or theocrats?

But this being my twisty little mind I would like to change the question, why aren’t we having more sex? I mean common is anybody getting as much sex as they would like? I say let’s have more pansexual orgies! Government subsidized distribution of sex toys as well as government-funded research into better sex toys. Lets have some real sex education from experts like Susie Bright, finally homework students would enjoy. It would lower the crime rate; it is after all very hard to rob a liquor store if someone is giving you a blowjob.

OK maybe I am getting a little carried away but wouldn’t maximizing human pleasure be a worthy goal for our civilization?

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