Thursday, October 16, 2008

There Will Be Blood

Unless you have deliberately cut yourself off from all media you will have noticed the presidential campaign has take a very ugly turn. Victims of both their claim that we ‘won’ in Iraq and the tanking economy McCain and Palin have nothing left but race baiting and anti-communism. It just might still work for them given the underling racism I this country. Then again given Obama’s primary performance maybe the Bradley Effect is fading away at last.

So what happens if Obama does win? A major shit storm aimed at wrecking Obama’s administration. You think the Republicans were obstructionist during Clinton’s first two years just wait, they will filibuster every bill Obama proposes. You think the Republican noise machine has stooped as low as they can watch as even more vile, slanderous and hateful rumors are spread far and wide. Outside of Washington things will get just as ugly and I fear a lot more violent. I still remember the domestic terror campaign waged against the civil rights movement and the hysteria raised by McCain and Palin is in some ways worse. The racists, the religious zealots and the self proclaimed patriots will feel empowered to save the country, save the family or save the excuse de jour by any means necessary. Any success Obama has will just make them more rabid, at worse it could degenerate into a civil war a la Lebanon in the 80’s. I hope it won’t get that bad but it could.

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