Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Must Be Done, Opening Thoughts

This is a critical time for Queer rights in this country. We have had great victories and defeats, often in the same state. New Hampshire where marriage rights were won but employment and housing protections for gender identity did not even get out of committee. Here we run into one of the major dilemmas, whether to fight at the state level or throw more of our resources to the federal level. The answer to that question in turn depends on which fight you’re talking about. If you’re focusing on a inclusive hate crimes bill the federal level looks very promising given that the Mathew Sheppard Act has already passed the house. If, on the other hand, you’re fighting for marriage equality the state level looks more promising at the moment. Then there is the question of tactics, should we focus on lobbying, legal fights in the courts or direct action? These debates are exacerbated by the fractures within the queer community.

Assuming I can maintain focus I want to offer my thoughts on these issues and invite discussion over the next few days.

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