Friday, June 19, 2009

Open Letter To The LA Car Guy Dealerships

I just watched your vile little ad featuring a transgender woman being stranded in the desert. It smacked of the ‘trans panic’ defense so often used in the murder of transgender people. Far to many transgender people have been murdered by bigots who use the excuse that they were ‘deceived’ as to the transgender persons ‘true’ gender. For you to use this as the basis of your add is offensive in the extreme to this trans-woman. Having lost a car due to a dead engine I am in the market for a replacement but thanks to that ad I won’t be buying it from you or any other member of the L.A. Car Guy Dealerships.

For more information, the actual ad and the contact list for the LA Car Guy Dealership list go to Pam’s House Blend

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Anonymous said...

LAcarGUY response (reposted)
Hello everyone,

My name is Mike Sullivan, owner of LAcarGUY. Wow, what a horrible, surprising day. we never meant to offend, talk down to or sound hurtful to anyone. I am terribly sorry that we did all of the above. Being naive is no excuse, nor is it absolving because we did not mean to do it.

Our intent in both spots was to have fun with the kinda clueless guy, and guys in general, not either of the women he encountered. Obviously the "joke" did not come off that way to the transgender community and for that i sincerely apologize. After reading comments here and on youtube, we now see the ad from a different point of view and have decided to take it off the air.

I'm very involved in my community. i would never, do anything intentional to hurt, prejudice or defame anyone. It is the opposite of my personality.

Pease accept my sincere apology,