Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Poll To Crash

Over at One News Now, a theocrat propaganda site, they are running a poll of Obama’s declaration of June as ‘LGBT Pride Month’ as is to be expected things are not going our way.

What's your reaction to Barack Obama's proclamation designating this month as 'LGBT Pride Month'?
It is a well-deserved celebration - 2.37%
No big surprise from this administration - 21.45%
Sin gets a whole month - National Day of Prayer barely gets a presidential nod - 55.75%
What next? Adultery Adoration Week? - 20.43%

Let’s get over there and change those numbers. It’s not going to be easy as they already have 20,444 responses but I know we can do it.

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Hawk Z. said...

Holla Natasha... Sweet blog and thanks for the info in your post! I went and voted... :)