Sunday, February 8, 2009

Straddling The Fence Can Be A Painful Experience

It’s not easy being Gender Queer, most people try to keep you in the little gender box assigned to you at birth. Even people who accept transgender people expect them to make a full transition to the ‘opposite’ gender and then stay in that box. Those of us who do not fit into any of the few neat gender boxes confuse people and generate a fair amount of hostility. This is true even among some other transgender people. It is especially hard on those of us who cannot pull off a fashionably androgynous look. We give off very confusing gender cues and gender confusion generates a lot of hostility. Even in the LGBTIQ community we face frequent hostility and misunderstanding. Still it’s who I am so I just keep on being me and trying to educate people as best I can.

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Anonymous said...

I just tried to explain to a few friends what "queer" and "genderqueer" are -- with little success. And most transpeople I know are happy to live in just one of the binary genders. At first that made me doubt my genderqueer-trans identity; but all the genderqueer people on the Internet are inspiring.

I'm sorry to hear you receive hostility -- hooray for being true to yourself!hnince