Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Random Tuesday Night

A bunch of short takes on long topics.

Afghanistan has been called the ‘Graveyard of Empires” and Obama is sending more troops. We still don’t have as many troops as the Soviet Union had and two years after they gave up and withdrew there was no more Soviet Union. How long to people talking about the FUS, The Former United States?

Queers are the only thing the Republican Party has going for it anymore. Well the ‘Homosexual Agenda’ to be precise. The only success they had in 2008 was with the anti-marriage amendments. So expect to see lots more fear and hatred against queers in lieu of any actual policies that are relevant to the real world.

Global Guerrillas , an excellent blog which I can not recommend highly enough, talks often about open source warfare. This is in context of things like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were there are numerous small groups trying different tactics against the U.S. What works is adopted and improved by the other groups. This leads to quick adaptation to circumstances and a very hard to beat foe. I has occurred to me that this is just what we need in our fight for queer rights. This should be especially obvious after the failure of old style politics to beat Proposition Eight in California. If we leave it to groups like HRC or Equality California we will be in for a lot more failures. We need the same open source approach, lots for groups trying lots of things. We adopt what works and spread it quickly through out the movement. We will swarm and overwhelm the theocrats before they can respond.

Long Live The Revolution!

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