Thursday, February 26, 2009

Speaking Of Masks…

I have noticed how much the homo and trans bigots love to hide behind a mask of religion. One of the latest outbursts came from Colorado State Senator Scott Renfroe who quoted the passage from Leviticus calling for gay men to be stoned to death. Nice little incitement to murder isn’t it? But as he was ‘speaking god’s truth’ the theocrats over at World Nut daily think he’s peachy keen and think it’s terrible that we hasty queers are persecuting him by calling him out on his hate. Of course hiding behind their professed religion when called out on their hate is a standard tactic. They are not bigots, they are just preaching ‘god’s truth.’ I call bullshit; they are lying sacks of scum using the convenient façade of religion to justify their irrational hatred.

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