Saturday, October 8, 2011

This Makes Me Angry

Take a look at this ultra-misogynist t-shirt. This is the sort of crap that pisses me off. It is such a perfect example of rape culture, de-humanization of sex workers  and general misogyny. It actualy pissed me off enough to write the following letter to them,

Real congratulations on having one of the most offensive t-shirt designs ever. Your 'If you have sex with a prostitute without her consent is it rape or shoplifting' shirt manages to trivialize rape and sexual violence and dehumanize sex workers all in one offensive package. Way to go fuckwads.

I know I should be polite to get my point across but that is hard to do when I'm this angry. That shirt showes you as the hateful misogynist cowards that you are. I don't think you'll have the good graces to actually stop selling that piece of crap shirt and even fake apologize but one can always hope.

I would like to encourage what few readers I have to send their own letter of comment to these jerkwads at

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